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Safe handling of needles and sutures in the veterinary medicine

Ligatures, operating with a 3D camera, wound closure with tissue glue: the future of surgery has long since begun. And yet there is no way around the basic techniques. These include the safe handling of needle and thread as well as correct wound closure. Especially at the beginning, this is quite a challenge! B. Braun knows this from its close cooperation with surgeons – right from the start. Because more than 100 years ago, Carl Braun developed the first industrially manufactured sterile suture material together with the surgeon Dr. Franz Kuhn. Since then, safe handling of needles and sutures in the operating theatre has been of central importance for veterinary students and young veterinarians as well as for experienced colleagues. Which suture material is suitable for which indication? How do I tie the correct surgical knot? How do I handle the needle correctly? These are questions for which we are happy to support you in your everyday work.

These focus topics we have planned for you – discover the wide range of our suture material

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