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Packaging of our suture material

B. Braun offers the suture material in the packaging forms RacePack® and DDP (Direct Dispense Packaging).
We are gradually converting the packaging of our suture material to RacePack®.

Advantages RacePack®

  • Minimization of the memory effect
  • Minimization of the possibility of non-desired defects in the suture
  • Improvement of the suture extractions and easy opening of the packaging
  • Improvement of the accessibility to the needles, time savings for OR staff
  • Flexible rear flap allows an easier grasping of the needle

Handling steps of the RacePack® and DDP

Open non-sterile outer package

Transfer to sterile field

Tear-off opening system, indicated by colored arrows

Quick and direct gripping of the needle

Needle overview of our suture material

Cutting needles

Cutaneous needles: The three-edged external cutting body of the needle is ideal for suturing tough tissue. The three edges run along the entire needle length and provide optimum piercing capability alongside a reliable, cosmetic result.

Cutting needles with microtips

The cutting tip of this slimline precision needle is hand-cut and, with minimal trauma, allows very good tissue penetration, fine sutures in tough tissue and good cosmetic results (see Dermaslide® below).

Round bodied needles

The round body of the needle tapers into a fine, sharp needle tip. The body flattens out in the middle section of the needle, which ensures a secure fit in the needle holder. Round bodied needles only pierce the tissue, they do not cut it, so they are highly suitable for suturing soft tissue.

Round bodied needle with trocar tip

The round bodied needle has a four-sided cutting tip. This allows tough tissue to be easily pierced with minimal trauma.

Round bodied needle with short, cutting tip

The specially shaped round bodied needle with short cut tip makes tough tissue easier to pierce. The special needle for fine anastomoses and difficult tissue conditions.

Lancet (spatula) needles

The lancet needle is a variant of the spatula needle. Special needle tip designed to pass through ophthalmic structures without damaging the upper and lower layer of stroma.

Dermaslide® DGMP: Advantages of the new needle with micro-engraved body

  • Glides impressively through tissue
  • Continuous sharpness
  • Outstanding needle holder stability
  • Good cosmetic results
Available for Optilene®, Dafilon®, Monosyn® and Monosyn® Quick.