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These Internet pages serve to provide general information about  B. Braun Vet Care, its products and services. They do not serve to provide professional advice or instructions for the products and services sold by B. Braun Vet Care. For specific inquiries about our products and services, please contact B. Braun Vet Care directly.

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We make every effort to provide you with accurate and current information. However, B. Braun Vet Care cannot be held liable for damages which occur in connection with this information. Consequently, we neither explicitly nor implicitly provide a warranty or guarantee and make no assurances with respect to the accuracy and completeness of the provided or referenced information. Any use of our Internet pages or any other pages connected (linked) thereto and the content thereof occurs at the user's own risk. Neither B. Braun Vet Care nor any other party involved with the production, provision, design or maintenance of the entire Internet offering, or individual components thereof, and of our linked pages and offerings are liable in any form for any indirect or direct damages, fault-based and fault-independent damages which can occur due to access to, use of or impossibility of use of the Internet offering of B. Braun Vet Care or of related information offerings. Before using or applying our products, the usage instructions enclosed with the products must be observed.

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We reserve the right to modify these Internet pages without previous notice, whenever we deem it to be appropriate. No liability results herefrom.