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Infection prevention in veterinary medicine

Nosocomial infections (NI) and multidrug-resistant pathogens are a growing problem in veterinary medicine. The aim of the B. Braun Vet Care Initiative is to create awareness and offer solutions that lie in your hands.

We strive to explain, educate, and make your everyday clinical work safer and easier. Ensuring that patients receive optimal care and that the risks of NI are minimized lies in your hands.

Together, we want to reduce the infection rate in veterinary medicine with concrete hygiene and process optimizations. It is in your hands to ensure that the spread of zoonoses is brought down and that antibiotic use is reduced to a minimum so that microorganisms do not become macro-problems.

Together, we are following the “One Health Idea” – It’s in your hands.

Fact sheet

Fact sheet: Nosocomial infections (NI) in veterinary medicine

Nosocomial infections (NI) in veterinary medicine

A nosocomial infection, also known as a hospital-associated infection, is an infection that patients acquire in connection with medical care in veterinary clinics or hospitals.

Hygiene manual for veterinary medicine

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Focus topics

Focus topics

Nosocomial infections

Nosocomial and hospital-associated infections in veterinary medicine (NI/HAI – Hospital-Associated Infection)

Surgical site infections

Post-operative wound infections in veterinary medicine (SSI – Surgical Site Infections)

Intravascular catheter-related infections

Infections and sepsis caused by intravascular catheters in veterinary medicine (ICRI – Intravascular Catheter-Related Infections and CABSI – Catheter-Associated Blood Stream Infections)

Catheter-associated urinary tract infections

Catheter-associated urinary tract infections in veterinary medicine (CAUTI – Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections)

Gastrointestinal infections

Nosocomial gastrointestinal infections in veterinary medicine (GI – Gastrointestinal Infections)

Basic hygiene

Process hygiene