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VetSofa – the new event series from B. Braun Vet Care GmbH

In our new VetSofa format, we invite experts from the veterinary field to speak on relevant and interesting topics. The event is free of charge for participants and attendance can be done comfortably at home via laptop or tablet. So take a seat on our virtual sofa and look forward to exciting presentations.

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Upcoming Events

Help the emergency arrives: "Foreign object located in the digestive tract".
Surgical gastrointestinal emergencies – Caiman® and B. Braun suture material

September 15, 2021


Veterinarians and veterinary students as well as veterinary nurses


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Dr. Ludo Stegen 
Dipl. ECVS, Veterinary Clinic Ahlen

Second speaker will be added soon


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Past Event

Peri- and postoperative pain therapy with Stimuplex® HNS12 and On-Q®

June 16, 2021


Veterinarians and veterinary students as well as veterinary nurses

  • The application of Stimuplex® HNS 12
    - Brachial plexus
    - Femoral nerve
    - N. Ischiadicus
    - Tibial nerve  
  • Blocks under ultrasound control with Stimuplex® Ultra 
  • Epidural anesthesia (Perican®/Spinocan®) 
  • Perioperative pain therapy through wound catheter ON-Q®

Dr. Christian Dancker 
ECVAA board eligiable, University FU Berlin

Dr. Aurora Zoff
Dipl. ACVAA, North Downs Specialist Referrals (NDSR), London

The emergency comes: "Help, the wound is not healing" – Modern wound therapy from a surgeon's point of view. ProntoVet® and Askina®

April 14, 2021


Veterinarians and veterinary students as well as veterinary nurses

  • Wound basics
  • Operative care (primary wound closure, skin flaps, drains, antibiotics)
  • Conservative therapy
  • VAC Therapy
  • Which wound dressings to use and when

Dr. Thomas Rohwedder 
Dr. med. vet. Dipl. ECVS, Specialist for Small Animal Surgery, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Dr. Angelo Alessandro Andreoni
Dr. med. vet. Dipl. ECVS, Ennetsee Klinik für Kleintiere AG, Hünenberg, Switzerland

Dr. Laura Rohwedder
Product Manager, Infusion Therapy, Anesthesia, Intensive Care & Infection Prevention, B. Braun Vet Care GmbH, Germany


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