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Dutch veterinarian gives second life

With her big blue eyes she looks at you lovingly and you can almost see her regained joy of life. She jumps after her ball completely exuberantly and that without swaying or falling down. A picture that would not have been possible without the help of the animal protection organisation Kannan Animal Welfare.

But from the beginning.

Goose is a 4 month old Siberian husky lady who was found abandoned in New Delhi, India last August. What nobody knows, Goose suffers from hydrocephalus. That means her body is producing too much brain fluid. As a result she suffered from coordination problems, sudden falling down, chronic headaches and epileptic tremor. If left untreated, this disease can cause brain damage and even death.

There are over 30 million wild street dogs in India and they are a subject of dispute that affects the whole nation. Here the opinions differ. One side wants to help the dogs, the other would like to get rid of them. If a dog with strange symptoms is added to this, the willingness of people to help is very low. For this reason, Goose was so lucky that she was found by the animal welfare organisation Kannan Animal Welfare and taken to a doctor. After the diagnosis it was clear that an Indian veterinarian cannot help the animal, because neurosurgery on animals is a foreign word in India.

However, the animal welfare organisation still wanted to help the dog and contacted veterinarians all over the world for three months. After two months, the glimmer of hope, Dutch veterinarian Dr. Meji, who trains veterinarians around the world, contacted them and agreed to fly to India to take care of Goose.

Kannan Animal Welfare sponsored the arrival and stay of Dr. Meji and Mex Vet paid for the medical procedures.

At about this time B. Braun also became involved in the events. A shunt system was needed for the animal. B. Braun donated this shunt system when they heard about the Goose story from Dr. Meji.

On November 16, 2019 the operation took place in New Delhi under the direction of Dr. Meji. Dr. Sharme from New Delhi, Dr. Leena Dalal from Mumbai and Dr. Laxmi Srinivasan from Hyderabad succeeded in placing the shunt system after a technical introduction by Goose. The procedure became the first neurosurgical intervention on animals in India and gained popularity.

Goose has come through the operation very well and now has good prospects for a happy and healthy life.