Histoacryl® Flexible Pack

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Improved closure of surgical incisions

The topical tissue adhesive and microbiological barrier product Histoacryl® Flexible Pack consists of n-butyl 2- cyanoacrylate and a softener. For easy assessment of the thickness of the layer which has been applied, Histoacryl® Flexible Pack is coloured blue.


  • Flexibility
    Allows closure of incisions up to 25 cm
  • Microbial barrier
    Polymerized Histoacryl® Flexible adhesive films are an effective microbial barrier
  • Ease of use
    Ready to use product storable at temperatures below 25°C
  • Fast closure
    Histoacryl® Flexible permits a fast closure of the wound
  • Good cosmesis
    Histoacryl® Flexible yields good cosmetic results


  • Closure of minimal-tension skin wounds from clean surgical incisions and simple, thoroughly cleansed, trauma-induced lacerations.
  • Microbiological barrier in the closure of clean surgical skin wounds and simple, thoroughly cleansed, traumainduced lacerations.