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Enteral feeding tubes with ENFit® connector

Nutritub® ENFit® is a single-use, sterile enteral feeding tube made of polyurethane (PUR).  

Nutritub® ENFit® contains male ENFit® connector that prevents unintentional tubing misconnections by connecting only to the female ENFit® connector of an enteral administration set or an enteral syringe.

Nutritub® ENFit® comes in two sizes dedicated to the pediatric use and eleven sizes for adult patients.

Nutritub® ENFit® for adult patients exist as Nutritub® ENFit® Gastral, for gastric placement and as Nutritub® ENFit® Intesinal for the intestinal placement.


  • Dedicated enteral connectors minimize risk of misconnections
  • “Lock and Key” feature ensures secure connection and prevents leakage due to unintentional detachment
  • Purple color coding allows faster identification of enteral devices
  • Internationally standardized ENFit® design ensures compatibility with any other ENFit® device containing female ENFit® connector