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Accessory for infusion therapy to prevent back flow into infusion lines

An effective technical precaution to raise safety to complex infusion systems

  • Normally closed valve, to be opened with low pressure
  • Prevents backflow of fluid/blood into IV infusion line
  • Performs against over-and under-dosage as well as against bolus infusions
  • Maintains alarm function of pumps


Luer-Slip and Luer-Lock compatible: Easy access for Luer-Slip and Luer-Lock connections.

Compatibility: Compatible with MRI, no metal parts.

Flexibility: Functioning in all positions.

Changing interval: Infuvalve can be replaced according to CDC or national guidelines or hospital protocol.

Pediatric use: The device can be used for all patients for which infusion therapy is prescribed. No gender or age related limitations. Infuvalve can be used for adults, pediatrics and neonates.

Prevents backflow and alarm function: Prevents retrograde flow into the gravity infusion so that it acts like a pressure alarm for the parallel infusion pump.

Over- and under-Dosage: It performs against over- and under-dosage as well as against bolus infusions.

Technical data

  • Minimum closing flow ≤ 0.1 ml/h
  • Opening pressure ≤ 20 mbar
  • Flow rate > 90 ml/minute G 40%
  • Flow rate > 100 ml/minute with 0.9% NaCl
  • Pressure resistance ≤ 2 bar
  • Not manufactured with DEHP, PVC, BPA or Latex/Natural rubber


Contamination: Enables contamination-free handling ensured by double-sided protection caps.

Reliable tight seal: Forms a reliably tight seal in the event of the infusion stopping or a pressure build-up against the direction of flow.