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Antiseptic for skin, mucous membranes and wounds

  • Aqueous povidone-iodine solution for antiseptic treatment of skin, mucous membranes and wounds
  • Active ingredients per 100 g solution:
    7.5 g povidone-iodine (with 10% available iodine)
  • Effective against bacteria incl. MRSA, mycobacteria, fungi

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30 ml bottle, 100 ml bottle, 250 ml spray bottle, 500 ml bottle, 1000 ml vario bottle, 5 litre canister


  • Fast-acting skin disinfection before injections and punctures
  • Brown colour clearly marks the disinfected area
  • Can be used diluted or concentrated for antiseptic irrigation and washing or wound treatment


For single application:

  • Disinfection of intact external skin and mucous membrane antisepsis, e.g. before surgery, biopsies, injections, punctures, blood sampling and catheterisations.

For repeated application, limited in time:

  • Antiseptic treatment of wounds (e.g. pressure sores, leg ulcers), burns, infected skin diseases.

Hygienic and surgical hand disinfection