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Acculan 4 is a powerful and simple to use system which combines reliability, longevity and ergonomics. 

Outstanding ergonomics

  • Rounded organic shape of the grip area
  • Handle incorporates the battery and avoids a bulky battery compartment
  • The Titanium housing captivates with its elegance

Wide range of attachments enable flexible usage of the small drill

Battery driven power system for Orthopedics and Traumatology.
Due to the powerful motor the small drill can be used for Osteosynthesis and all kind of orthopedic indications.

  • One K-wire attachment fits all common diameters
  • Wide range of attachments enable flexible usage of the small drill with all common drilling tools: AO small, AO-large, Dental, Round Shaft, Zimmer and Hudson
  • Sagital saw: easy adjustment of the saw blade postion in steps of 45 degrees

The difference is in detail

Longivity and reliabiltiy thanks to proven motor technology

  • Sensorles EC Motor technology already introduced and proofen with Acculan 3Ti
  • High-End technology guarantees a reliable and long lasting power system
  • Constant working performance at low running costs

Unsterile batteries save money

  • No need for sterilization of the sensitive battery cells and electronics
  • Therefore long lifespan and low running costs
  • Battery exchange at a fixed price

Li-ion technology for longer life cycle

  • More power
  • Longer life cycle
  • No memory effect
  • Easier to use 

Safe and clean reprocessing and storage with ECCOS

Due to the titanium housing and the additional available storage system ECCOS it is possible to reprocess Acculan 4 with alkaline cleaning detergents 

  • Rinsing of cannulation
  • Constant reprocessing quality
  • Safe storage and transportation in hospital
  • Individual configuration

Better visibility on surgical field

  • Thanks to the slim design there is a better visibility on the surgical field compared to previous model or other battery power tools
  • The light weight concept provides good conditions even in cats or toy breed dogs

Quality and longevity  - „Made by Aesculap“

High grade materials for high requirements.
All parts made from:

  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel
  • PEEK

Advantages Acculan 4

Long lastingMotor concept, electronics in battery integrated Titanium housing
Low running costsBattery exchange concept
Safe and easy storageTrays and storing devices can be customized
Alkaline cleaning possibleAesculap Technical Service, Titanium housing
Refurbishment possibleTitanium housing

Safe and easy storage, customizable

Acculan – The Story

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