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Innovative, reliable, convenient, cost effective.

We believe that it is about time for alternatives in appendectomies. With the DS (double-shank) Clip, we present an appropriate alternative.

The DS-Clip offers the same reliability as existing options. But compared to some established products, the clip can provide noticeable cost savings for the removal of the appendix.


  • Innovative: This system is innovative and unique in the segment of Titanium Ligation-Clips
  • Reliable: The DS-Clip provides a firm hold on the appendix
  • Convenient: The system is easy to use. It does not require an adaption of the order of operation
  • Cost effective: A cost-effective system due to reusable clip appliers

With Aesculap, you have found an innovative and competent partner to cooperate in the field of appendectomy.


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