Extension Line, Type: Minimum Volume

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For extending infusion and transfusion lines.

Minimum Volume Lines are used to extend infusion and transfusion lines by attaching them to a luer lock connection. The products are flexible tubings with Luer connectors at the proximal and distal end for combination with other medical products. Minimum Volume Lines are used in all medical disciplines where IV therapy is performed. The tubing with small internal diameter minimizes the contained volume and benefits the usage for pediatric/neonate patients.



Not made with DEHP

Easy access for Luer-Slip and Luer-Lock connections

Luer-Slip and Luer-Lock compatible.

Pediatric use

Minimum Volume Lines can be used for all patients for which infusion therapy is prescribed. No gender or age-related limitations. Minimum Volume Lines can be used for adults, pediatric and neonates.