Single Use Electrode Handle

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Safety for both the patient and the user

  • Fatigue-free work by means of narrow, handy shape with an ergonomic position of the push buttons (CUT / COAG).
  • Tactile and audible feedback is ensured when the push buttons are activated.
  • Rotation-free insertion of 2.4 mm standard electrodes.
  • Fast, simple and reliable sterile supply.
  • Safety - the electrode handles comply with HF 18 Standard of AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, USA).
  • Compatibility of the handle with any common electrosurgical unit.
  • Electrode handle with and without finger push buttons.

Single use electrodes:

  • Ball electrode (ball diameter 4.7 mm)
  • Needle electrode (diameter 1.0 mm)