Instruments for Spinal Neurosurgery

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Large selection of instruments and systems for spinal neurosurgery

Selection of special curettes for microdiscectomy

  • Bayonet curettes for microdiscectomy
  • Bayonet-shaped, slender shaft
  • Optimal view under the microscope
  • Improved overview of the target region Ergonomic handle
  • Comfortable guidance of the instrument
  • Secure grip

Product program

  • Choice of 50 curettes 
  • 6 Different angles and widths 
  • 3 Different lenghts cervical, cervical long and lumbar curettes

Choose from our large selection of wound retractors and laminectomy retractors, nerve hooks, nerve root hooks and exploration hooks. We can offer wound retractors and laminectomy wound retractors in a wide range of variants.

  • Classic ANDERSON-ADSON wound retractors with lock and sharp blade tips to special retractors
  • CASPAR retractor set with various blades
  • Fine wound retractors for narrow approaches e.g. FINSEN or LOGAN

We can also offer the full range of traditional instruments, from which you can select according to the surgical requirements for individual operations.

  • Osteotomy forceps
  • Osteotomes
  • Flat and hollow chisels
  • Raspatories
  • Pestles and mallets
  • Sharp spoons and curettes