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Precision. Performance. Pleasure.

ELAN 4 is the next generation of electric power systems for neuro and spine departments. With a new technical concept ELAN 4 addresses important requirements of the surgeon and all parties involved in handling power systems in the hospital.


Precision: New positioning of the motor before the angle, meaning there is no need for an angle gear or a motor coupling.

  • No couplings needed
  • Handpieces become shorter and lighter
  • The angle does not get hot
  • Its comfortably in the hand
  • Can be held more reliable and comfortably

Benefit: Convenient and reliable grip.


  • Integrated motors
  • On/off function integrated into the cable to the motor coupling

The rotation speed is directly transferred, resulting in:

  • Very smooth running
  • No loss of power
  • High reliability
  • Compact construction – no extra switch

Benefit: Powerful, precise and reliable work.


  • All couplings are plug and play compatible
  • Standardised burr lengths and clear coding of burrs
  • All operating elements are marked gold

Extremely easy to use:

  • Streamlined surgical set with fewer components
  • Handpiece will always contain the correct motor
  • Self-explanatory
  • All types and sizes of burrs are available for all handpiece lengths

Benefit: The system is set up clearly for a trouble-free use. Fewer components and a universal burr length offer savings potentials.

Video ELAN 4

Precision. Performance. Pleasure.