TTA Implant and Instrument Set

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Set configured with TTA implants of all sizes and specialised instruments

The TTA sets have been specially configured to meet the requirements for TTA. Easy handling and a well-laid-out storage case contribute to a successful operation. The set is equipped with specialised TTA instruments and implants of various sizes and therefore offers an optimal selection for each patient size.

The Aesculap TTA Sets are stored in Aesculap sterile containers and meet the requirements for a manual and mechanical preparation.

The TTA Implant and Instrument Set contains all of the necessary TTA instruments and cages, forks, plates and screws of various sizes. Spacers have also been included for special indications.

The storage case is made from aluminium and is covered with a transparent polypropylene cover so you can quickly check whether any implants are missing.

The set is supplied in an Aesculap sterile container.


  • TTA screws with diameters of 2.4 mm, 2.7 mm, and 3.5 mm with various lengths
  • TTA forks with 2 - 8 prongs
  • TTA cages 3/10 - 15/31
  • TTA spacer 2 - 6 mm
  • TTA plates 2 - 8 holes
  • Spreader 3 mm - 15 mm and T-handle
  • Plate bender
  • Fork inserter
  • TTA drill guides
  • TTA pins
  • incl. storage case and container