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Interlocking Nail for cats and small dogs

The Targon® VET is based on new technology which reverses the known principles of interlocking nails. The rotation-stabilising locking screws can first be flexibly inserted in the metaphysis and diaphysis, and only then is the nail positioned through a central hole in the locking screws and stabilised with fixation screws. The interlocking nail can be implanted without additional targeting instruments.

In addition to the known benefits of locking nails, this also enables a flexible placement of the implant and a variable adjustement of the nail length to the given bone anatomy.

The targon® VET is therefore the first locking nail to combine biological fracture stabilisation with flexible and variable implantation.

  • Flexible implantation in variable sizes
  • Biological fracture healing
  • No targeting device or fluoroscopy required
  • Minimally invasive technique possible

Additional information

The Targon®VET is available in two sizes:

  • 2,5 mm with locking screws Ø 4,8 / 2,8 mm
  • 3,0 mm with locking screws Ø 5,6 / 3,2 mm

The fixation screws made of specifically hardened material stabilise the nail in the locking screws.


  • Flexible implantation
    The innovative new technology of Targon®VET allows locking screws to be flexibly placed in the bone according to the fracture and the specific anatomical conditions
  • Fixation screw provides stability
    Inserting the fixation screw into the locking screws with a defined torque fixes the screw-nail configuration, thereby ensuring stability against compression and rotation.
  • Variable sizes
    The nail is shortened according to the length of the bone.
    Therefore, a large variety of animals can be treated with just a few implant sizes.
  • Reliable OP technique thanks to high-quality instruments
    The instruments enable a reliable and functional OP technique. The instruments are arranged intuitively in the set and are easy to use. All instruments conform to Aesculap's traditional quality standards.
  • Implantation that preserves soft tissue
    The Targon®VET can be used with an open surgical technique with preserving the traumatised tissue (open but do not touch), but is also compatible with minimally-invasive implantation. Intraoperative fluoroscopy is not required.
  • Biological fracture healing
    The preservation of the soft tissue and treatment of the fracture with a intramedullary nail promote biological fracture healing.


Fractures of the femur, Tibia and Humerus in cats and small dogs